Designs and Models – France


Filing for a French, European Union ou International design or model will provide you with a 5 years protection, renewable up to 25 years, against copy and imitation.

Designs and models are also protected without registration.

This protection is especially important in the design sector (luxury, clothing, high tech…).

Designs and models are also protected by copyright.

Our law firm can assist you for any design or model issue, in France or internationally.

Designs and Models Advice

  • Design or model filing in France, the European Union ou internationally, and discussion with the offices in case of irregularity,
  • Design or model renewal every five years,
  • Unregistered design or model protection,
  • Design or model portfolio management, audit or general strategy,
  • Proactive actions in order to protect your designs and models,
  • Inscriptions on the Offices’ registry : designs or model licensing, cession, limitation,
  • Prior designs search,
  • Drafting and negotiating of designs or models exploitation contracts (cession, sale and purchase, transaction following litigation, valorization, licenses, coexistence),
  • Customs supervision against illicit importations and exportation of infringing merchandises (in France or at the Community Level).

Designs and Models Litigation

  • Cease and desist letter,
  • Exchange with customs and litigation following Customs withholding (in France or at the Community level),
  • Emergency actions (seizure for infringement, request to ban),
  • Designs and models litigation, as a claimant or defendant (deceiving character, lack of use…), in first instance (TGI) or appeal (Cour d’Appel),
  • Unfair competition and parasitism action, as a claimant or defendant, in first instance (TGI) or appeal (Cour d’Appel).