Our Fees

How We Bill

Our fees depend on the complexity of the case, time spent, urgency as well as obligatory legal costs.

We will always be transparent with you and inform you of our fees as soon as you contact us with your case. A written fee agreement is always signed by both parties before we begin to work on your case.

We make sure that our fees are extremely competitive and adapted to your means.

Depending on the case, we may ask you for an advance on our fees and offer you a billing schedule.

Our Prices

Our fees are determined on the following basis, depending on preference and/or pertinence :

  • Hourly fee (250 euros pre-tax / hour) with an hour estimation,
  • Flat fee for a specific service,
  • Fee on result, with a basic flat fee, for litigation
  • Monthly or annual subscription, variable depending on the quantity of intervention,
  • We accept checks, bank transfers, credit card, Bitcoin and Ether.

Our first appointment is billed 125 euros pre-tax (150 euros with VAT), this sum being deductible from any future bill.

Once scheduled, you can pay your first appointment below :

To pay an existing bill :

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