Cease and Desist Letter

Why Should a Lawyer Draft a Cease and Desist Letter ?

Preparing for Litigation

Sending a cease and desist letter through a lawyer creates a proof of the dispute, and clearly exposes your point of vue.

This letter will be a useful tool for the judge.

Article 56 of the Civil Procedure Code obliges both parties to try to find an amicable solution before litigating. Being assisted by a lawyer from the start ensures that you have a batter chance at settling.

Psychological Effect

Sending a cease and desist letter through a lawyer has a psychological effet on its recipient. It proves your intention to defend your rights.

The recipient may also have to incur costs, which will encourage him to find an amicable solution.

Our Cease and Desist Services

Drafting your Cease and Desist Letter

Our service includes :

  • Examination of your situation,
  • Drafting the letter with the following points:
    • Facts,
    • Legal and contractual basis,
    • Conciliation proposition,
  • Letter dispatch.

Drafting your Transactional Agreement

If the other party agrees to settle, it is preferable to write and sign a settlement agreement, which includes:

  • Reciprocal concessions,
  • Agreement to discontinue the proceedings.

Breach of this agreement renders the breaching party responsible.

Cease and Desist Letter / Transactional Agreement Fees

Cease and Desist Letter

Our fee to draft and send a cease and desist letter is 300 euros pre-tax.

Transactional Agreement

Our fee to prepare a transactional agreement is 300 euros pre-tax.