Copyright Law and Image Rights in France


Copyright allows creators, whether they are artists or designers, to protect their work. It applies to any kind of art (literature, music, cinema, television, audiovisual creation, photography, drawings, manual and living arts, multimedia, architecture, etc) and lasts for 70 years after the death of the author.

French “droit d’auteur” is different from anglo-saxon copyright. It is comprised of the moral right of the author, which is unassignable and incessible , and the patrimonial rights, which can be exploited by third-parties.

Copyright law is especially important online.

We can assist you to protect your copyright, in France or internationally.

Copyright Law Advice

  • Collective administration of copyright (negotiating,  SACEM or SACD declaration…),
  • Advice on the use of copyright exceptions (citation, education, scientific research and publication…),
  • Proactive strategies to protect copyright (SOLEAU envelope, proof of creation…),
  • Drafting and negotiating copyright contracts (cession and acquisition of rights, licensing, publishing contract, representation contract, adaptation contract, production contract, labour contract, order contract, synchronization contract…),
  • Image rights issues (photography, audiovisual…).

Copyright Law Litigation

  • Cease and desist letter,
  • Emergency proceedings (request to ban, seizure for counterfeiting…),
  • Negotiation following copyright infringement,
  • Infringement actions, as a plaintiff or a defendant, in first instance (TGI) ou appeal (Cour d’Appel),
  • Unfair competition or parasitism actions,
  • Copyright claims,
  • Copyright actions in the field of designs,
  • Contract litigation,
  • Image rights litigation,
  • Open-source and Creative Commons issues.