Corporate Law (France)


Incorporating a company is the first major step of its life and has an important impact on its future. Legal assistance is necessary in order to avoid mistakes that could cripple it in the future.

We could assist you to choose the legal form of the company (Limited Liability Company, Simplified Joint-Stock Company, Limited Company, Self-Employment) before incorporating it. We can also assist you to draft a partner agreement.

Corporate law is a very precise science. Having an expert on your side limits your risk exposure and ensures that administrative paperwork is processed properly.

We can assist you in the following corporate law fields, in France and internationally :

Corporate Law Advice

  • Drafting articles of incorporation ;
  • Incorporation ;
  • Legal advice on corporate structure ;
  • Administrative paperwork.

Corporate Law Litigation

  • Cease and design ;
  • Director’s liability ;
  • Litigation over company paperwork ;
  • Litigation between partners ;
  • Post-acquisition litigation ;
  • Liability guaranty litigation.