Consumer, Competition and Distribution Law in France

Distribution law regulates the organization of distribution networks: contracts between supplier and distributeur, franchise networks…

Competition law protects free trade and market access, by preventing cartels and dominant position abuse.

Consumer law protects the consumer, who is the weaker party in consumer contracts.

Our firm has a specific experience in the field of retailing : Maître Pacaud has worked for a major French retailer for several years.

We can assist you in the following fields, in France and internationally :

Drafting and Negotiating Distribution / Consumer Contracts

  • Distribution agreements ;
  • Franchising agreements ;
  • Marketing contracts ;
  • Terms and conditions of sale ;
  • Terms and conditions of use ;
  • Advertising, sale clauses and contracts.

Advice and Litigation – Consumer, Distribution and Dompetition law

  • Cease and desist ;
  • Abuse of dominance litigation ;
  • Cartel litigation ;
  • Terms and conditions litigation ;
  • Consumer rights litigation ;
  • Abusive clauses litigation ;
  • Misleading advertising litigation.